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On the epoch of the Antikythera mechanism and its eclipse predictor, Carman, Christián C., and Evans James , Archive for History of Exact Sciences, p.1-82, (2014)
Mechanical Astronomy: A Route to the Ancient Discovery of Epicycles and Eccentrics, Evans, James, and Carman Christián C. , From Alexandria, Through Baghdad: Surveys and Studies in the Ancient Greek and Medieval Islamic Mathematical Sciences in Honor of J.L. Berggren, (2014)
On the Pin-and-Slot Device of the Antikythera Mechanism, with a New Application to the Superior Planets, Carman, Christián C., Thorndike Alan S., and Evans James , Journal for the History of Astronomy, 02/2012, Volume 43, Issue 150, p.93-116, (2012)
Solar Anomaly and Planetary Displays in the Antikythera Mechanism, Evans, James, Carman Christián C., and Thorndike Alan S. , Journal for the History of Astronomy, 02/2010, Volume 41, Issue 142, p.1-39, (2010)