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Full resolution PTM

The surfaces of the 82 remaining fragments of the Antikythera Mechanism, imaged by the HP Labs team, are available for download here from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. 82 PTMs are listed, this number being a coincidence, since some small fragments are grouped into a single PTM, and the larger fragments are imaged on more than one PTM per fragment.

You will have to download a PTM viewer (https://www.hpl.hp.com/research/ptm/downloads/ptm_viewer.htm) to browse the data on your computer.

Download the attached pdf files at the bottom of this page the browse the complete list of the PTMs, with the corresponding fragments and views. See also this cross reference list compiled by Herb Johnson, between the PTM numbering scheme and the standard nomenclature for the Antikythera Mechanism fragments, which is based on the work done by Mary Zafeiropoulou.

AK01a AK01b AK02a

AK02b AK03a AK03b

AK04a AK04b AK05a

AK05b AK06a AK06b

AK07a AK07b AK08a

AK08b AK09a AK09b

AK10a AK11a AK12a

AK13a AK14a AK15a

AK16a AK17a AK17b

AK18a AK18b AK19a

AK19b AK20a AK20b

AK21a AK22a AK23a

AK24a AK25a AK26a

AK27a AK28a AK29a

AK30a AK31a AK32a

AK33a AK34a AK35a

AK36a AK37a AK38a

AK39a AK40a AK41a

AK42a AK43a AK44a

AK45a AK46a AK47a

AK48a AK49a AK50a

AK51a AK52a AK53a

AK54a AK55a AK56a

AK57a AK58a AK58b

AK59a AK59b AK60a

AK60b AK61a AK61b

AK62a AK62b AK63a