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Achaemenid Chronology and the Babylonian Sources

TitleAchaemenid Chronology and the Babylonian Sources
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsWalker, C. B. F.
EditorCurtis, J. E.
Book TitleMesopotamia and Iran in the Persian Period - Conquest and Imperialism 539 - 331 B.C.
PublisherBritish Museum Publications
Pages86 + 40 plates
ISBN Number978-0-7141-1142-1
Other Numbers0-7141-1142-2

This volume publishes the papers presented at the Lukonin Memorial Seminar held at the British Museum in July 1995. Five scholars spoke on different aspects of the history and culture of Mesopotamia and Iran during the period of Achaemenid rule between 539 BC and 331 BC. The book is intended as a sequel to "Early Mesopotamia and Iran: Contrast and Conflict c.3500 - 1600 BC" and "Later Mesopotamia and Iran: Tribes and Empires 1600 - 539 BC", the proceedings of seminars held in 1991 and 1993.

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