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The Antikythera Sonnet

Fractured at thirty fathoms down it lies,
By octopus and clam uncomprehended,
A brazen image of Hellenic skies,
The simulated flow of time suspended.
Athenian's year by Cyzicene amended,
The Babylonian's Suns blood red and black,
Mechanic's art with mathematics blended,
Aigila's dark abyss holds all in wrack.
The planets' globuled pointers and their stack
Of tight-spaced toothed disks revolve no more,
The densely lettered plates corrode and crack,
Muted the ancient Rhodian's astral lore.
Two thousand years the greening fragments sleep,
Imagination's spacecraft in the deep.

The author wishes to remain anonymous.
Photo by Chris Kotsiopoulos, "Sky trails over ancient Greece", http://wordlesstech.com/sky-trails-over-ancient-greece.